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Motorcycle mounted thermal fogger IZ-300

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Motorcycle mounted thermal fogger IZ-300
Power of operating 18.9kw/25.7hp/16,500kcal
Proper voltage DC12V
Chemical tank capacity 17ℓ
Spouting chemial quantity 20~40ℓ/H
Fuel tank capacity 2ℓ
Fuel consumption 2ℓ/H
Combustion tube 1EA
Cooling system air-cooled
Spouting particle size 0~30µ
Dimension(L x W x H) 1,300 x 315 x 465 (mm)
Weight 20kg
Mounted on Motorcycle IZ-300

1. Motorbike Mountable/Removable Fumigation Equipment
This product can easily be mounted on a general motorbike.

2. Mobility and Accessibility
when mobility and accessibility of motorbikes is utilized for fumigation, most dead zones including city centers and suburban farm areas where road are too strait or access is limited can also be fumigated.

3. Dual (Smoke and Fog) Device
This Product can serve two purposes; as a smoke machine and also as a fog machine depending on the requirements.

4. Swiveling Nozzle
The nozzle is designed to swivel to the right at 50° and to the left at 50° without having to move the motorbike, you can aim the nozzle at the desired position to spray the reagent.

5. Fitted with Electronic Device
Fitted with the solenoid value, the reagent can easily be sprayed using the toggle switch. also fitted with the limit switch the spray is automatically shut off when there is abnormal operation with the machine and prevent a make fine.

6. Chemical Spay ON.OFF switch
The driver on the driving possible control the chemical spray ON, OFF switch taked at the motor cycle handlebar.