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A general term of insects belonging to mosquito family of fly order. Body length is about 0.5 ~ 1.3 cm .

Mosquito is a complete metamorphosing insect which goes through a life cycle in a sequence of egg, larva, chrysalis, and imago.

In general, imago of mosquito takes sugar such as the juice of fruits or honey of flowers as its main calorie sources and blood sucking is only necessary for the female mosquito to grow ovaries.

The male mosquito does not suck blood. Object animals for sucking blood are in general, birds, amphibian, reptilian besides mammalian but there are specific animals the mosquito likes according to the species of mosquito. Time for blood sucking is also diverse such as daytime, before and after sunset, and nighttime according to different species.

Blood sucking quantity is the same as the weight of the mosquito (About 5 mg ) or over that quantity in just one sucking of blood and usually, in summer temperature, it digests all in 3 ~ 4 days and grows ovaries during that period for laying a group of about 300 eggs.

The female repeats blood sucking and laying eggs several times after becoming imago. At the same time as piercing the mouth needle into skin to suck blood, mosquito emits saliva to prevent solidification of blood. This injection of saliva makes people itch and concurrently, virus or malaria pathogen may be input into human body.

Therefore, proliferation of diseases only takes place accompanying blood sucking. the eggs hatch in three days and become a larva. Larvae inhabit holding water in hollow rocks in inflowing stream, river shores, and ocean shores, water paddy, empty cans, and washbowl and sheds skin four times in about one week and becomes a chrysalis.

They become imago in one or two days and this kind of life cycle of mosquito is repeated all year around in tropical regions. Mosquitoes in mountain areas and in frigid zones spend winter in egg and also spend the period of larva in snow-melted water. They appear as imago only once per year during mid summer.

Therefore, mosquitoes are distributed up to the tundra which is located only 200 ? from the North Pole and the kinds and numbers are much bigger in the tropical zones. As diseases spread through the medium of mosquitoes, there are about 2,500 kinds all over the world such as malaria, filarial, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, etc and in Korea , there are about 47 kinds of diseases.


■ Extermination method of mosquito

1. Remove inhabitation places: Prevent laying eggs and larvae by cleaning
.....inhabitation places of noxious insects such as holding water, marshy, and contamination places.

2. Keep the body clean to eliminate smells of sweat and lactic acid and also
.....prohibit use of perfumes or soaps with strong fragrance.

3. Spray pesticide during before sunrise and after sunset when activity of
.....mosquito is most vigorous.