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The female cockroach keeps spermatozoa after only one time of mating and lays eggs about eight times in its life. One female can breed up to 100,000 larvae in one year.

The cockroach likes to be squeezed in narrow space/crevices with nocturnal habits and therefore, usually hide during the daytime and is fast, able to move 28cm per second.

They live in groups and have a mixed diet eating almost everything ranging from corpse or fecal matters of cockroach to saliva of people. In particular, when cockroaches eat new food, they vomit half-digested food they have eaten before. Therefore, they cause various contagious diseases including food poisoning and also cause asthma and allergies and are dangerous noxious insects hurting babies, transmitting over 40 kinds of germs.

There are various kinds of cockroach such as Periplaneta japonica Kerny , American cockroach, Japanese cockroach, German cockroach, etc. and they are most active in the temperature between 27 ~ 20 ?C and inhabit within the scope of 23 ~ 33 ' C and stop activities under 20 ?C. They usually live for 3 ~ 4 months.

■ Extermination methods

1. Put gel-type poison medicines looking like ointment reinforced with
....attracting components into injection needle and spray a little bit in
....inhabitation areas of cockroaches, then cockroaches die after they eat

2. By spraying pesticide, we can exterminate together with flea, tick, ant,
....Monopsyllus anisus, etc.