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Rechargeable Knapsack Sprayer IZ-BS720P

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Rechargeable Knapsack Sprayer IZ-BS720P
Measurement(L x W x H)mm 365x240x550
Tank Capacity(ℓ) 20
Weight(kg) 4.9
Maximum pressure 10
Using time 160L / 90min
Charging time about 4hours
Battery type lithium-ion
Battery spec 10.8v / 7.8Ah
power spray iz-bs720p

1. Shortened working time for high-press spraying & Equipped with plunger type piston excellent in pest control effect.
2. Equipped with regulator of easy pressure adjustment of high pressure and low pressure according to condition.
3. Equipped with Mabuchi electric motor excellent in durability and efficiency.
4. Equipped with high-performance high-capacity lithium-ion battery light and to maintain.
5. little trouble and ease of maintenance by using chemically resistant&durable material.
6. Use : pest control&agricultural use
7. Using organizations : health center, health center branch, military unit, livestock research institute, stockbreeding farmhouse.

- Battery capacity : 900minutes 160L
- Continuous operation for a day
- Pressure control valve adopted for first time in korea.
- User-friendly self A/S
- User-friendly convenient structure
- Ergonomical safety design
- Product liability insurance.

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